A Look inside the Tool Belt of a Grip Lighting Technician

A Look inside the Tool Belt of a Grip Lighting Technician

A Look inside the Tool Belt of a Grip Lighting Technician

Grip lighting technicians are the professionals that work on the set of film production to assist the lighting and photography directors with the lighting set ups.  They have knowledge of how to make sure that a certain mood or aesthetic is created for the scene to function properly.  Grip lighting technicians work hand-in-hand with many other technicians to follow the directions of their directions, adjusting equipment and building scaffolding and track to create the right angles for the lights.  This requires them to have immediate access to multiple tools.  Let’s take a look at the supplies that are inside the tool belt of a grip lighting technician.

Tool Pouch

In order to store small materials inside the tool belt, grip technicians will typically have one or two small tool pouches attached directly onto their tool belt.  These are great for storing small materials that are used frequently, such as small lightbulbs, string, tape, and screws.

Tape Roll

Tape is one of the most commonly used supplies that a grip lighting technician needs to have on hand.  They typically attach these rolls of tape onto their belt using either binder-style clips, carabiners, or string.  When they need to make quick adjustments to the position of their lighting equipment, they can just simply reach down and rip off a piece of tape.


Thin gloves are used frequently in order to have a better grip while still retaining dexterity when technicians are working.  In fact, they will likely keep a few pairs handy when they are working on set because of the frequency that gloves are used.


Pocket knives are also something a grip technician will want to keep accessible on their tool belt.  This allows them to cut any materials quickly without needing to search their tool box or truck for another cutting tool.  Often times, they will cut tape, string, and plenty of materials that are used to secure and adjust lighting.

Tape Measure

This is a handy tool that will ensure you are making the right size cuts to fit a particular job.  Grip lighting technicians are always cutting wire, cable, string, and tape to a certain length.  Instead of running around and eyeballing it, you can have accurate measurements each and every time.


Small levels are also great for keeping your lights level.  This is a necessity that many grip lighting technicians also keep on their tool belt so they can grab it when they are setting up track or scaffolding.

These are some of the tools that you’ll be able to find inside a grip lighting technician’s tool belt.  Having easy access to these commonly used tools allows them to get the job done quickly without having to waste time running to and from their grip trucks.  If you are looking for quality grip lighting technicians or grip equipment, contact us to hear about how we can help you today.

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