Commonly Asked Questions about Movie Grips

Commonly Asked Questions about Movie Grips

Commonly Asked Questions about Movie Grips

Movie making is a business that requires many different players to help create the ultimate look and performance on screen.  Behind-the-scenes, however, people work tirelessly to create the best film possible, which requires authenticity. Key grips are hired to help produce authenticity in a film.  By following the director's wishes, key grips help supply the grip electric and equipment necessary to getting the best shot of the scene.  Here are some commonly asked questions about movie grips.

Who are key grips?

Key grips help directors achieve the perfect angle for their shot.  Key grips work with a team responsible for grip electric and moving equipment to where ever they are instructed.  They typically perform the work that is done in between scenes, so setting up or creating scenes is when they are called on set to get their work done and get ready for the next take.

What are grips responsible for?

Key grips are responsible for many tasks behind-the-scenes of any film, performance, or TV show.  They are responsible for lifting, moving, building, creating, and placing production equipment where ever the director desires it to be for each shot.  Often times, key grips and their crew that focuses on grip electric and other needs will need to move a camera along a track to film movement, or they will need to set up lighting for a scene that takes place in the evening.  Their awareness to set dynamics is critical.  This includes a lot of movement throughout the scene changes in order to get the exact shot needed.

Where do key grips work?

Key grips can work on any production.  This includes television stations, concert halls, film production companies, and independent filmmakers.  Often times, key grips are hired for a particular gig and then paid a lump sum per job.  Mostly, key grips live in cities that are popular for filming.  These cities include New York City, Los Angeles, or even China.  Other cities in the US, like Miami or Las Vegas also employ many key grips when needed.  Typically, key grips go where ever there is work.

What are the hours like?

Key grips typically work at any hour of the day that filming is taking place.  This can include late nights or early mornings on set.  The film industry typically keeps people for long hours and hectic days, so key grips know that when they are working, they should block out their schedule and dedicate their time to performing their job.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about key grips and their role in film production.  If you are interested in hiring grips for your film production needs, contact us today to hear about our experience and range of services.

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