Five Technicians that Work Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

Five Technicians that Work Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

Five Technicians that Work Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

In the film industry, there are many people that work behind the scenes to make all the magic happen.  All of these experts provide different experience and knowledge to make the pictures we see on the screen come to life.  Without these technicians, such as grip electric specialists, prop managers, photography experts, and acting coaches, we would not have the successful movies that we have today.  After a movie is over, be sure to pay closer attention to all of the professionals that are recognized in the rolling credits before you leave the theater.  There are many different professionals that work behind the scenes in the filmmaking industry.

Costume Designer

These experts play an integral role in the film, as they help to decide what the actors will look like once they get on set.  They decide all of your clothing or costume choices.  At times, they will even sew your costume or tailor it so that it appears exactly how they want you to look on screen.

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are professionals that have an uncanny artistic ability to transform people into their characters.  This can range from humanlike traits to monsters to mythical creatures.  They use makeup and props to create the exact look to make the actor become the character they are portraying.

Lighting Experts

An entire team of lighting experts works behind the scenes of a film to create a visual aesthetic that the director desires.  This is achieved using many different types of grip equipment, light fixtures, lightbulbs, and angles.  Many experts work together to achieve these looks, and they are often called upon to act quickly to make changes before they yell "action."


Even though the editors' jobs seem to start when the filming ends, they are typically involved in the process on set too.  This helps them become familiar with the footage and ask for retakes if need be.  This way, they will already have an idea of what they will edit once they get into their studio after filming is wrapped.

Prop Managers

Many films become immortalized because of certain props that people can immediately call to memory.  From the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz to the sorting hat in Harry Potter, these props become iconic.  Prop masters decide on many of the items that are used to make the setting appear realistic.  They choose everything from coffee mugs to fancy hats.

These are just a few of the important technicians and professionals that work behind the scenes in the film industry.  Making a movie requires many moving parts and expert opinions about a range of subjects, so it truly takes a village.  If you are interested in grip electric technicians, contact us to hear about how we can help you with your film's lighting needs today.

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