Four Duties of a Grip Electric Technician on a Film Set

Four Duties of a Grip Electric Technician on a Film Set

Four Duties of a Grip Electric Technician on a Film Set

Have you ever heard of a grip electric technician or the grip department that work on the set of major films, commercials, and TV shows?  These individuals are highly trained to assist the directors and lighting technicians with set-ups that create the right lighting and camera angles for each scene.  Their role is critical in establishing mood, scene, emotion, and aesthetic to match the director's vision for the film.  Grip electric technicians have many responsibilities on set.

Set Up Lighting Equipment

Grip electric technicians work underneath the direction of the director of photographer to create cinematic lighting and camerawork.  They work as a crew to set up equipment related to camera and lighting features.  This can include building scaffolding, setting up light or camera tracks, using cranes, or even dragging dollies across the set to create moving lights.  There are plenty of lighting and camera techniques that grip electric technicians are trained to perform.

Operate Equipment

In addition to setting up and tearing down this equipment, they must also be able to operate it.  This includes working on the scenes even after the director calls "action."  This may involve riding along the track with the camera or lights, standing on the scaffolding to get the right angles, or even running with the lights behind the scenes.  Those that operate the equipment may have a more specialized training to be able to perform this to perfection.

Set Up Special Features

In addition to setting up the lighting and camera equipment, they may also need to set up non-lighting equipment as well.   This can include special features, like shapes, color enhancers, or shadows, which provide the scene with the right emotion and mood.  They will work hand-in-hand with the gaffer, or the head of the electrical department, to create the intended lighting features.

Communicate with the Department

Because they work hand-in-hand with other members of the electrical department, such as the best boy and gaffer, they are expected to be in sync with others.  Having an open and understood method of communication is critical in making sure that things run smoothly behind the scenes.  This means that they will need to react quickly, answer to any questions, and have knowledge of the common phrases and jargon that are associated with the film production process.

These are just a few of the main responsibilities of a grip electric technician when they are working behind the scenes in film production.  As a major contributor to the film, they have knowledge and skills to perfect the lighting techniques, angles, and equipment needed to make the film become what it is.  If you are looking for quality grip technicians, grip truck rentals, or grip equipment, contact us to hear about how we can help you today.

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