Grip Equipment Every Grip Should Own

Grip Equipment Every Grip Should Own

Grip Equipment Every Grip Should Own

Whenever you are working on set as a grip technician, you will be expected to react quickly to the demands of the job.  This includes changing up the scene set up, which can require heavy lifting, deconstruction of large equipment, and quick maneuvers to get the right shot, fast.  All of these tasks will require an understanding and knowledge of the grip equipment that you'll use on a daily basis.  It also means that you will want to have the right equipment within an arm's reach or inside your grip truck for whenever you are asked to perform a certain job.  There are a few pieces of grip equipment that every grip technician should keep close by when they are working on film sets.

Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

A grip technician will be expected to perform many jobs behind the scenes of a film, including cutting plastic, gels, and rope.  They may also want to have a multi-tool, with a knife built into the tool itself, to perform even more jobs.  These tools have pliers, serrated blade knifes, and screw drivers.  This tool is handy for many jobs on the set.

Gaffer Tape

Much like duct tape, gaffer tape should be included in every grip equipment set.  This type of tape comes in a variety of colors, but the most common matte black or green screen green.  Many of us actually recommend to have a few matte black rolls of tape, since these are the most commonly used on the set.  It is used to anchor cables, hold gel in place, temporarily fix equipment, and many other jobs.

Multiple Wrenches

A crescent wrench is one of the most popular tools that grip technicians will use when they are working on set.  This will allow you to rig or set up lamps and other lighting features.  A lighting wrench is also great for specific lighting purposes, hence the name.  This wrench works well for adjusting stage lights.  Many wrenches will also attach to your belt to allow for easy and quick access on the job.

Durable Work Gloves

Because grip technicians work with heavy duty equipment, they should have a few pairs of durable work gloves handy.  This will allow them to lift heavy equipment safely and securely.  It provides protection while they are rigging equipment, working with hot lamps, or building scaffolding.  Leather gloves work well for these types of jobs.

These are some of the most important grip equipment that many grip technicians will use frequently to perform their tasks on the film set.  It is critical for grip technicians to keep this equipment close by or in their grip truck so they can respond quickly to the demands of the job.  Setting up the right scene helps to create the right mood or emotion from the viewers.  Contact us if you are looking for quality grip equipment today.

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