How to Use Lighting Effects to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

How to Use Lighting Effects to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

How to Use Lighting Effects to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

There are many lighting techniques in life and in film.  Light is actually one of the best ways to create a mood or an atmosphere.  Many films are remembered for their ability to use lighting effects to portray a feeling or emotion, which many people try to simulate in real life.  In films, the grip electric department uses their knowledge to create a cozy atmosphere on screen.  In real life, we try to recreate these emotions using similar tactics.  From the use of candles and lanterns, to dimmable light fixtures, we strive to create a cozy atmosphere by using some of these popular lighting effects.

Warm and Cool Lights

Warm and cool lights are visually distinguishable in color, which allows them to emit a different mood or emotion.  Use warmer lights in living rooms and bedrooms, and use cooler lights in kitchens or offices.  This way, you will be able to add the right mood to each space.  Cool lights will wake you up, while warm lights will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Dimmable Lights

Whenever you want to create a cozy atmosphere, you should install light dimmers in your home.  Dimmable lights are an easy way to add ambience to any room.  These are great for family rooms when you are relaxing with the TV, or the bedroom to create an intimate environment.  This is especially popular in the film industry.

Accent Lights

Lighting that supplements larger lights is a great way to make any environment seem more cozy.  Lamps placed in the corners of rooms or under cabinet lighting are great for diverting attention to the small details of a room.  In film, accent lighting does a wonderful job at creating ambience and drawing our attention away from certain aspects of the scene.

Color Your Lights

Colored lights are also a great way to change the mood of your home.  These are also easy ways to reflect the holidays or the seasons.  Colors can provoke emotions, so be sure to think about exactly what color lightbulbs you want to install before you do.  

Focal Lights

When you want to draw your attention towards something in particular, use focal lights that highlight these features.  These are great additions to any wall space to highlight paintings, kitchen spaces to focus on a counter or serving area, or even a mantle to focus on the decorations.  Focal lights will shine brighter in one spot to draw your attention to whatever it is shining on.

These are a few of the lighting effects that can help you create a cozy atmosphere, just like the ones you see on screen.  Although not all of us have the same skills as the professional grip electric members of the film crew, we can still try to mimic their tactics in our lives.  If you are interested in lighting in film, contact us to hear more about our lighting techniques today.

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