Lighting Technicians Jobs in the Film Industry

Lighting Technicians Jobs in the Film Industry

Lighting Technicians Jobs in the Film Industry

Are you interested in taking your interest in lighting effects in films and forming a career?  Many people who have a keen interest and talent with lighting effects and lighting technical skills can follow a career path to become key grips and gaffers on the set of film and behind the scenes of major production.  If you are someone who dreams of working behind the scenes to produce fantastic movies and create amazing special lighting effects, this career path is for you.  There are many different lighting technician jobs in the film industry if you are looking to pursue this career.

Assistant to the Grip or Gaffer

Working as a production assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn on the job.  The language used behind the scenes of movies is challenging to learn, and immersion is typically the best way to do so.  Also, this is great way to begin networking and earning respect of grips and gaffers that are already established.  When you build your reputation and learn on the job, you will work your way up to handling your own lighting responsibilities one day.

Key Grip or Gaffer

This might be the job that you aspire to hold, as they are the ones who produce the lighting effects and manage the grip equipment and machines.  These individuals have much experience working in the lighting department, from handling the equipment, to discussing the effects with others, to actually setting up the scene.  They must be knowledgeable about many technical skills, such as camera angles, lighting tracks, scaffolding, techniques, and also the language of grips.

Photography Director

The photography director will typically work closely with the lighting department, as they are the ones who manage the aesthetic and understand how to achieve a desired look.  If you have the opportunity to work closely with a photography director, you may find yourself interested in their work.  This is also a great role to aspire to grow into, as grips and gaffers often work under the photography director on set.  Once you have many years of experience, you may evolve into a director or a key grip.  When you do so, you will have an entire team of technicians underneath you.

These are just a few of the jobs in the production department of the film industry to help with the lighting effects.  If you are interested in following this career path, you will want to be sure to start learning the techniques and shadowing the professionals as soon as possible.  You want to become familiar with the grip equipment and techniques used on set.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your grip lighting needs today.


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