People on the Film Production Team

People on the Film Production Team

People on the Film Production Team

Working on a film requires an entire team of people in order to make a film come to life and become a large success.  Even small films still have an entire team to make sure that it is produced properly and efficiently.  Because many people work together, they need to bring their own set of expertise to the set.  If you visit a film production set, you'll be able to see the producer, technicians, grip electric technicians, photography directors, actors, and many more people.  Let's take a look at some of the key players that are on the film production team.

The Producer

The group leader that is responsible for managing the production throughout the entire process, so they are the ones leading the show.  They develop the film from its initial stages all the way through to editing and finalizing.  This is the person that you'll notice running the show throughout the film production process, so if you have any questions, you'll want to check with them.

The Director

Directors oversee the shooting of the film.  They dictate things like camera angles, lighting effects, and proper setting for the scenes of the movie.  They have a trained eye to notice subtle details that end up making a film what it becomes.

Costume Designer

Costumes are extremely important in film, as they depict the personalities of characters, setting and time period, economic status, and attitude.  Costume designers have a tough job of having to dress the entire acting crew each and every day on set.  They choose things like outfits, jewelry, shoes, styling methods, and much more.


The director of photography is responsible for capturing the film on video.  They must pay attention to the details concerning the camera and lighting effects.  The cinematographer will work with the director to achieve the look they want for particular scenes.  The grip electric technicians will then work to set up the shot and provide the cinematographer with the tools necessary for getting the desired look.

Prop Managers

Props are another important aspect in a film, as they need to be authentic and true to the film.  This can involve historical accuracy, intrigue, and personality.  Some props end up becoming extremely important, or even iconic, in filmmaking.

These are just a few of the people that work on the film production team in order to see the movie making process the whole way through.  Each of these individuals brings their own set of skills to the set to offer their unique expertise.  Our grip electric technicians perform with other technicians in order to produce the lighting effects on the set.  If you are in need to quality grips, contact us to hear about our services today.

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