People that Work Behind-the-Scenes in the Film Industry

People that Work Behind-the-Scenes in the Film Industry

People that Work Behind-the-Scenes in the Film Industry

When Hollywood pumps out blockbuster movies, everyone can name the list of high-paid actors and directors that helped to make the movie possible.  However, there are countless people working hard behind-the-scenes to create the perfect shot, organize the perfect scenery, or write the perfect dialogue.  Some of these moments make the movie the success that it becomes.  People like prop masters and key grip electric members help to make the scenes authentic and real.  There are many people that work behind-the-scenes in the film industry.


Runners are essential in getting the jobs done on set.  These people run errands and deliver necessary supplies to whoever needs them on set.  They perform small jobs that help the filming process run smoothly and efficiently.  Although this job may seem unimportant or easy, runners are very respected hard workers dedicated to their role in the filmmaking process.


Grips are responsible for the electric, equipment, and lighting placement that go into creating the most authentic scene. Their job is to create, move, lift, and manipulate materials to ensure that the director's vision is met during filming.  This can include placing a camera on a moving track to capture a running scene or casting shadows with grip electric awareness to create a dark and creepy environment.  

Prop Master

Whenever films are made, each and every detail is critical.  This requires the work of a prop master.  Prop masters are responsible for obtaining some of the essential details that help to make a scene authentic.  They help to set tables, choose cars, pick outfits, and look at how the details affect the film.  Although their job can be challenging, their role is critical in making sure that there are enough props to film the entire movie.

Visual Effects Supervisor

Just like the name suggests, a visual effects supervisor is in charge of all the visual effects that make up a film.  They help to make scenes more believable and authentic, even if they are magical or farfetched.  Their job is to make it seem as though the visual effects aren't there and that magical cars really do exist.  When they do their job correctly, we find ourselves engrossed in many fantasy worlds that feel as real as they look on screen.

All of these people are vital roles in the behind-the-scenes creation of a film or performance.  Their expertise, opinions, and direction make the film the success that it becomes.  Even though their names don't go up in lights like the actors or directors, their role in the filmmaking process is just as important.   If you are looking for quality movie grips, contact us today to hear about our qualifications and expertise.

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