Five Qualifications Grip Technicians Need to Work on Film Sets

Five Qualifications Grip Technicians Need to Work on Film Sets

Five Qualifications Grip Technicians Need to Work on Film Sets

Have you always wanted to work behind-the-scenes on a film project?  Do you have a passion for how lighting works, how scenes are set up, and how everything works together to create a motion picture?  Many grip lighting technicians start out dreaming about working on a film crew, but passion is just the first ingredient to a successful career in film.  These are a few of the other qualifications you need to find success as a grip lighting technician working in the film industry.


The more experience you have in the film industry, the better your chances of getting a job will be.  Many people assume that they need to only have direct lighting and camera work to get a gig, but this is untrue.  Those who have worked behind the scene of films will be viewed highly by directors, as they require less training to get the job done correctly.  This means that they do not require as much time to get acquainted with the set, which saves time and money.  Get as many gigs as you can related to film and you will boost your resume.

Physical Fitness

Being physically fit is also important when you are carrying heavy equipment and setting up the rigging for each scene.  When you are more agile and fit, you will be able to perform all the jobs without worrying about injury or hazards.  It is important to be fit to prevent accidents on sets, like tripping over wires or falling off scaffolding and moving dollies.


When working in the film industry, you need to be flexible.  Jobs change all the time.  Sometimes you may go without work for a while, and other times you may be busy with multiple projects.  Having flexibility will allow you to understand the changes of the job environment and be more willing to step up when certain projects need you.

Teamwork Skills

Grip technicians will work with many other crew members to set up lighting, offer their expertise, perform any rigging, make necessary adjustments, create emotion, and change anything at the last second.  When a director of photography tells you to make changes, you need to work with the other members on set to achieve the look and goals of each scene.  Working well with others, having clear communication, and being responsive are just a few ways to set yourself apart from others.


Some jobs may require you to tear down an entire set quickly, while others may require you to go back and forth to the grip truck many different times.  Patience is another necessary quality that grip technicians must have to do their job.  There are many challenges to this job, and you must have the ability to mend and accomplish everything you are asked.  This requires a large amount of patience and self-discipline.

These are a few of the qualifications and skills that grip technicians need to have when they want to work in the lighting department on film sets.  When you have all these traits, you can work safely with the grip equipment to set up shots and rig equipment for each film scene.  Contact us to hear more about our grip lighting technicians and grip truck rentals today.

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