Four Questions to Help You Understand Our Grip Trucks

Four Questions to Help You Understand Our Grip Trucks

Four Questions to Help You Understand Our Grip Trucks

Grip technicians working in the film industry are responsible for the lighting set-ups that create the desired shot.  These professionals work to build and tear down scaffolding to get the right lighting angles, safely wire each and every shot, listen to the directions of a DP, and know how to quickly and properly create the lighting effects of every shot on set.  These responsibilities require the use of many types of equipment.  Typically, grip lighting technicians keep all their equipment on grip trucks that can be easily accessed when they are on set.  Here are some questions that can help you better understand grip trucks and why you need one on your film production set.

What is a grip truck?

Grip trucks are specialized equipment trucks (or vans) that transport, carry, and store equipment needed for lighting and electric on a film production set.  These trucks provide a safe and effective transportation method for all the heavy-duty and important equipment you need for film production.  Many film production companies or rental companies offer grip trucks to meet a range of needs.

Why do I need a grip truck on my set?

Grip trucks, in some capacity, are needed behind-the-scenes of every film production, no matter how small the budget.  Regular trucks are not equipped to carry electrical and lighting equipment, as it can become damaged, broken, or even irreparable.  These trucks are custom-made with racks, crates, carts, and tracks to make equipment safe while transporting, and also to provide it with a safe and organized place to store during filming.

What types of equipment can I find in a grip truck?

The equipment that can be found in a grip truck is typically for a few different technical jobs on set.  First, we have lighting and electric equipment, such as a variety of lights and cables.  Electrical equipment helps to provide any wiring set up and safety measures you may need, which may require certain dimmers, switches, and cables.  Grip equipment, like carts, sandbags, speed tracks, and wedges, provides technicians with what they need to set up the shot.  

Why are there different packages available?

Each film production has its own set of needs.  Our grip truck rentals offer different packages so that you can meet your needs without having to get a truck that has too little or too much.  We also provide packages that meet a range of budgets, as every film budget varies.  Some grip technicians have their own equipment, which may only require the set to gain a small amount of equipment on their own.  Our packages allow you to customize the equipment to your needs.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about grip trucks, what they offer, and why you need one.  Each film production set works better when they are organized and ready to create any shot you may need.  Our grip trucks and grip truck packages make that possible.  Contact Tiki Grip Electric for your grip truck needs today.

Truck can only go out with a Tiki G&E approved driver.
Certificate of Insurance and signed Rental Agreement are required for all rentals.

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