Seven Tools Every Grip Technician Should Keep On Hand

Seven Tools Every Grip Technician Should Keep On Hand

Seven Tools Every Grip Technician Should Keep On Hand

Are you wondering what is necessary to take with you on your first day as a grip technician?  Do you need to supply the grip equipment for your film production job?  Working as a grip technician requires you to be ready to move quickly when any lighting adjustments are needed to create a specific effect.  By having access to many highly utilized grip tools and equipment, you can make these jobs occur much more efficiently.  These are a few of the tools that every grip technician should keep on hand when they are working.  


A C-wrench is used to strengthen connections between equipment, and it is one of the most used tools in a grip’s toolbox.  To provide durability to any constructed structure, you will need to have a C-wrench nearby.  This also aides in deconstructing scaffolding or changing out lighting fixtures.


Multitools are also one of the most used tools that a grip will use to perform many different jobs.  They can cut wires, fix small issues, bend metals, and perform many other small and intricate jobs that help secure lights and create the right shot.

Measuring Tape

Understanding angles and distance is necessary for a grip when they are working with lighting elements behind-the-scenes.  A measuring tape ensures their accuracy when it comes to creating the perfect shot and emotion for the scene.


When it comes time to work with wires and cables, grips need to have access to a set of quality pliers.  These pliers are used in many different jobs, like securing wires to on another or bending metals to ensure that they fit together enough to stabilize your equipment.


One of the simplest, yet most helpful tools in every grip’s toolbox is a screwdriver.  Screwdrivers are most used by grips to pull out drill bits and screw in any fixtures that need to be stabilized.  These can also be used when you need to construct or deconstruct certain grip equipment needed to add height or length to your lights.

Utility Knife

From cutting wires to trimming cords, utility knives come in handy for a lot of different jobs that grips need to perform on set.  In fact, many grips will bring their own utility knives when they are working on set, as it can be used in many different situations.


Although this may not be considered a tool, it is still one of the most helpful items that will come in handy when working on set.  Anytime you need to mark a measurement or write down information, you will want to have that sharpie ready to go.

These are some of the essential tools that every grip technician should have on hand when they working on a film production set.  If you are looking for quality grip truck rentals and grip equipment, contact Tiki Grip Electric to hear about our rental packages today.

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