Some Basic Grip Tools Included in Your Truck Rentals

Some Basic Grip Tools Included in Your Truck Rentals

Some Basic Grip Tools Included in Your Truck Rentals

Are you looking for lighting, rigging, and grip rentals for your next film project?  Do you want to rent all your grip equipment for your next film?  Many film production companies do not keep all their grip equipment on hand, as this equipment will vary depending on the size and extent of their current project.  When you need grip equipment for your project, you are best renting the entire grip truck to make it much easier for portability and usage on set.  These are some of the grip equipment that you can expect in your grip truck rental package.

Gaffer Grip

This is a multi-use device that has many adjustable jaw openings that allows you to perform many mounting jobs on set.  This is typically used for mounting small light fixtures to many surfaces, like furniture, light stands, or walls.  It is a common tool that is used each day by the grip technicians, and it may be referred to as a gator grip as well.

Grid Clamps

These clamps offer maximum hold when you are securing light fixtures or lighting to other surfaces.  This grip typically fits on large pipes that are used to hold up lights, cameras, and other rigging equipment.  It is also so strong that it cannot be moved once installed.

Pro Clamps

This clamp is much smaller and more versatile than a grid clamp.  It is used on more than just pipes, however, as it has rubber jaws that allow it to attach to many more surfaces.  Even though it is smaller, it is still strong enough to hold heavy equipment and lights.

Baby Pip Clamps

These are designed to hang fixtures and lights onto pipes when they need to be hanging from these areas.  It allows fixtures to be tightened at the grip while still hanging freely from the pipes.  The name of this clamp is misleading, as it should only be used to hang fixtures from heavy, steel pipes.  When you use lightweight pipes, you may break right through it.  

Grip Heads

These are accessories that connect grip arms to light stands, and they allow the fixtures to spin around the stands completely – both horizontally and vertically.  It consists of an adapter that secures to the light stand and a circular part that enables the spinning of the lights.  

Wall Plates

When you need to hold down a fixture to a certain surface, you will use wall plates.  These can be nailed or screwed to the walls using a small pin.  They are used when you want a light to be in a stationery position for a specific shot or angle.  When you want the light to be able to move or allow panning, you can install a specific raised plate on top of the wall plate to enable movement.  

These are just some of the most basic types of grip equipment that you can find when you rent a grip truck package with us.  If you are looking for quality grip truck rentals, contact Tiki Grip Electric to get started and create your own customized package today. 

Truck can only go out with a Tiki G&E approved driver.
Certificate of Insurance and signed Rental Agreement are required for all rentals.

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