Three Important Job Duties of a Grip Technician on Film Sets

Three Important Job Duties of a Grip Technician on Film Sets

Three Important Job Duties of a Grip Technician on Film Sets

Have you ever watched the credits scroll at the end of a movie or film?  You can quickly notice that there are many individuals that make a movie become what it does.  Some of these individuals are professionals known as grip technicians, and they assist with the lighting department to make sure that each and every shot has perfect lighting.  Although grip lighting technicians may not make the top credits of the movie, their job is just as critical as many others.  There are many responsibilities that a grip lighting technician has when they are working behind-the-scenes of a film.  Here's a quick look at the job description of a grip lighting technician.

Build and Maintain Equipment

Many of the responsibilities of a grip lighting technician involve building and constructing scaffolding or track that is required to get the right light or camera angle.  This involves heavy lifting, carrying equipment across the sets, and unloading grip trucks to find the exact materials needed.  They will also need to fully understand how to properly handle all of the equipment, such as dollies, tracks, jibs, cranes, tripods, and much more.  Understanding how to use all of this equipment makes them readily available to act quickly when certain adjustments are needed on set.

Organize Equipment

Because they are the ones that are responsible for these types of equipment, they also need to keep everything organized.  Typically, movie sets will have rented or owned grip trucks that have all the necessary equipment needed for production.  Grip trucks vary in size depending on the type and extent of the film and its budget.  Grip technicians are responsible for keeping track of all the equipment and materials, and also making sure that is neatly and correctly put away at the end of each work day.

Follow the Instructions of a Key Grip and DOP

When you work as a grip on the film set, you should get used to following the instructions issued by others.  Typically, a key grip will be in charge of the entire grip crew on a film set, which gives them a bit more authority to keep everyone in line and focused on their tasks.  The Director of Photography will also act as the head of the entire department, so they will need to communicate effectively with one another to make sure they stay on the same page.

These are just a few of the many responsibilities and jobs that a grip lighting technician has when they are working in film production.  As a key member of the lighting department, they are essential professionals that many people count on to make the scene come alive.  If you are looking for quality grip technicians or grip equipment, contact Tiki Grip Electric to hear how we can help you today.

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