Equipment You Can Find in a Grip Truck Rental

Equipment You Can Find in a Grip Truck Rental

Equipment You Can Find in a Grip Truck Rental

Whether it's a major tool or a small gizmo, the production team will have it in their grip truck to help them with any number of technical needs that arise on set. Having a rented grip truck on site makes everything run more efficiently and with less strain on the cast and crew. So which equipment can you find in a grip truck rental (be it a 3, 5, or 10-ton version)? Read on to find out!

Lighting Equipment

Wherever portable and powerful tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required, go no farther than the ARRI Fresnel line, which includes the 300w, the 650w tweenie, the 1000w T1, and the 2000w T2. They come in very handy when dealing with a grid height issue in a cramped studio.

Wide regions can be illuminated effectively by the ARRILITE 1000w and 2000w focus flood open face. They work wonderfully as focal points in video documentaries or interviews. It has a long throw and 750 watts of power, the ETC Source Four. Its most common home is on stages, but it performs admirably in the open air. It may be manipulated to produce different lighting effects.

Stands and Stand Accessories

Stands are invaluable on any set! Various types of stands are available in grip truck rentals, sometimes as much as 86. These include C-Stands, Beefy Babies, Combos and Low Boy Combos, Hi-Hi Rollers, Mombo Combos, Crank-O-Vators, and Mini Preemies. Without a doubt, C-Stands are an indispensable part of every film production. They are a staple in the grip's arsenal.

Now, the versatility of stands makes them invaluable tools. Gobo arms and knuckles can hang, drape, hold, or prop up lights, drop cloths, flagpoles, and almost anything else on stage. When it comes to safety on set, nobody does it better than the 4.5" Lollipop knuckles. They are used for securing huge flags or frames to the ceiling.

Sandbags and Furniture Pads

Although they aren't cutting-edge, sandbags are a tool that will forever be needed. They aren't just for securing light stands to the ground but also for anchoring set walls. The risers and hooks are easily accessible thanks to the handy handles. Furniture pads, often known as sound blankets, cushion furniture, absorb vibrations, and reduce transport noise.

Connecting Devices: Clamps and Clips

One of a grip's best allies is clamps. You can get them in a wide range of forms and sizes and put them for many purposes. C-clamps are common hardware, but production C-clamps have spuds welded to the back so they can be mounted to C-stands.

Also, U-shaped plates are used to secure the clamp to practically any material. A Cardellini clamp is characterized by two angled jaws that can be clamped onto any shape, whether it's round or flat. Then a Mafer clamp, sometimes known as a super clamp, is used to secure pipes and poles in place. They are perfect for mounting lights in hard-to-reach or otherwise inconvenient places.

A film production grip truck's lighting rig needs to be well-stocked with lights of all sizes and types. While finding a truck with every type/size of film production equipment is impossible, the finest grip truck rental provider should include all the essentials. At Tiki Grip Electric, we offer everything you need.

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