What’s Inside a Grip Truck Rental

What’s Inside a Grip Truck Rental

What’s Inside a Grip Truck Rental

The grip truck is a well-organized and well-stocked wonderland. It has all the essential and under-appreciated tools of filmmaking. It also contains all the bits and pieces you could ever need to fix the many technical problems that come up on any set. Even better, grip trucks aren't usually too expensive, so even low-budget movies can use them. So, what should come in any standard grip truck rental? Here is a basic rundown of a three-ton grip truck rental that you can get from many places, such as Tiki Grip Electric.

Inside a 3-ton Grip Truck Rental

Lighting and electrical gear, overheads, flags and rags, grip equipment, and grip accessories are the four primary categories of gear that you should store on a grip truck. A film set's grip truck needs a wide range of lights for different scenes and situations. Stingers, dimmers, and gag switches are all examples of electrical equipment that should be available.

Now, it's important to have a variety of sizes for the overheads, flags, and rags. In addition to the more obvious tools like ladders and cones, grip equipment should also contain carts, stands, sandbags, speed rails, steel tracks, crate wedges, and cribbing.

Custom Requests

On request, grip trucks should also include things like cameras, lenses, camera sliders, car mounts, teleprompters, generators, and so on. The best grip truck rental service should be able to provide all the essential equipment for filmmaking. However, finding a truck with every imaginable type/size of film production equipment is impossible.

On request, you should have access to highly sophisticated grip truck equipment. Of course, since the availability of film production equipment might fluctuate at any given time, it is best to phone your favorite grip truck rental provider ahead of time to discuss your specific needs. For example, some items may already be rented out or in the process of being repaired.

When Making a Movie, What Use Does the Grip Truck Serve?

Grip trucks provide secure storage and transport for filmmaking equipment and boost productivity on set. Unlike normal trucks, which store equipment in a disorganized manner, grip trucks save time and effort since equipment can be easily located and recovered. So yes, using a grip truck is a time-saving tool on set.

As you well know, the film set environment is sometimes messy and chaotic. Normal filming requires hundreds of pieces of gear at any given moment. This gear needs to be shipped to the location and made immediately available. Grip trucks include unique designs, such as carts and storage systems, allowing grips to access all necessary tools and supplies quickly and conveniently.

One or two workers can easily transport all of the carts provided by the top grip truck rentals. Instead of using hand trucks, which require constant re-stacking during transportation, the best production grip trucks include racks on slides and apple box carts. The main function of a grip truck on a film set is to improve productivity.

If you are looking for a grip truck rental for your next film project, contact Tiki Grip Electric to hear more about our rentals today!

Truck can only go out with a Tiki G&E approved driver.
Certificate of Insurance and signed Rental Agreement are required for all rentals.

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