Avoid These Major Mistakes Inexperienced Gaffers Make on Set

Avoid These Major Mistakes Inexperienced Gaffers Make on Set

Avoid These Major Mistakes Inexperienced Gaffers Make on Set


Gaffers or grips are the unsung heroes of any film production set. Their role is to set up the lighting and rigging, making sure that everything is perfect for a shot. However, when gaffers are inexperienced, it can lead to a breakdown in communication and overall productivity. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the major mistakes that inexperienced gaffers make on set and how they can be avoided.


1. Not Communicating with the Director of Photography

One of the major mistakes that inexperienced gaffers make is not communicating with the director of photography (DP). The DP is responsible for the look and feel of a film, and a gaffer must be on the same page to ensure everything is just right. Lack of communication can lead to reshoots and wasted time and money. Gaffers must learn to understand the DP’s lighting needs and create solutions that work for everyone.

2. Not Checking the Safety of Rigging

Another mistake that inexperienced gaffers make is not checking the safety of rigging. This can be a costly mistake, as a faulty rig can cause damage to equipment or injury to crew members. Gaffers must double-check all rigging before filming begins, or the consequences could be serious.

3. Ignoring the Temperature of Lights

The temperature of lights is incredibly important for any film production. Inexperienced gaffers often ignore this factor, leading to scenes that appear too orange or blue. Paying attention to the temperature of the lights will help ensure color accuracy in the final cut of the film.

4. Not Thinking Ahead

Gaffers must be able to anticipate the needs of the crew and the production when on set. Inexperienced gaffers often forget that their role is much more than just setting up lights. They must be able to adapt and change things when necessary, and think outside the box to create solutions when challenges arise.

5. Not Maintaining Equipment

Lastly, inexperienced gaffers tend to overlook the importance of equipment maintenance. The equipment must be maintained, repaired, and tested regularly to avoid any accidents and malfunctions that could cause the entire production to shut down. It’s essential to ensure all equipment works up to the required standard.



Being an inexperienced gaffer is not an easy job, and it can require a lot of work to get to the top of your game. By avoiding these common mistakes, and by taking the time to learn from others in the field, inexperienced gaffers can help establish themselves as key players in the production set. Always remember that communication, safety, and planning should be top priorities for any gaffer. Contact us at Tiki Grip & Electric if you are looking for a grip truck in Orlando, FL that can help make your next production a success!  

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