The Difference Between Gaffers and Grips

The Difference Between Gaffers and Grips

The Difference Between Gaffers and Grips


Understanding the difference between gaffers and grips is key when it comes to deciding which crew members to hire for your next project. Both are vital members of a film crew, with each having their own unique roles to play. So what exactly do gaffers and grips do? Let’s break it down.

What Does a Gaffer Do?

Gaffers are in charge of the lighting on set. They are responsible for setting up, placing, and operating all the lights used for shooting. This includes moving lights around the set as needed, adjusting power levels, and helping to create desired lighting effects. Gaffers also oversee the electricians on set who help maintain the lights and electrical equipment during a shoot. In addition, they work closely with cinematographers to determine which type of lighting should be used at any given time.


What Does a Grip Do?

Grips have a lot of responsibility when it comes to production design. They are in charge of setting up rigging like dollies or cranes, as well as ensuring that all camera equipment is securely attached. Grips also assist with setting up sets, which can include assembling props or furniture and making sure everything is in place before each take. Additionally, grips provide support services for director’s chairs and cameras if necessary.


Does Your Project Require Grip Electric?

If you’re looking for an experienced grip electric team for your next project, look no further than Tiki Grip & Electric! Our team specializes in providing professional grip electric services from start to finish—from planning stages through post-production wrap-up—ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish! Whether you need assistance with rigging equipment or tracking shots with camera dolly systems, Tiki Grip & Electric can help make your vision come to life!


Gaffers and grips are essential members of any film crew whose roles shouldn’t be taken lightly or overlooked when it comes to production design. Gaffers handle lighting while grips take care of things like rigging equipment and assembling sets—both equally important tasks that require experience and expertise in order to do them properly! If you need an experienced team of grip electric professionals for your next project, contact Tiki Grip & Electric today! We have the experience you need to make your vision come to life!

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