The Importance of Safety Knots on Set

The Importance of Safety Knots on Set

The Importance of Safety Knots on Set


As a film production crew, safety should always be a top priority. In the world of grip and lighting, this means being mindful of not only the rigs and equipment being used but also the team handling them. One important safety practice that often gets overlooked is the use of safety knots. Safety knots are essential in preventing accidents caused by equipment failure or rigged set-ups. In this blog post, we will discuss what safety knots are, why they are essential, and how you can use them to promote safety on set.


What are safety knots?

Safety knots are additional knots tied to secure equipment or rigging from slipping or failure. They consist of additional loops or twists in the rope that act as a failsafe and prevent equipment from falling or collapsing. They serve as reinforcement to the main knot to safeguard the crew and equipment in case the primary knot fails.

Why are safety knots essential?

The use of safety knots helps prevent equipment from slipping or dropping, which can cause serious, even fatal accidents. In the case of rigging, safety knots help keep the set stable by supporting tension and weight, reducing the risk of rig collapse. It is also essential to remember that equipment damage can and will occur if the main knot fails, which adds to production cost and downtime.

How can you use safety knots to promote safety on set?

When tying knots on set, take your time, and double-check your work. Make sure the knot is tied correctly and securely before adding a safety knot. Always use strong, reliable cordage materials and inspect your knots regularly during the day to ensure their strength and integrity. An excellent way to reinforce your team's knowledge of safety knots is to include it in your production training, ensuring all are comfortable and confident with this safety technique.

Why Choose Tiki Grip & Electric?

At Tiki Grip & Electric, we take the safety of our team and clients seriously. We provide professional grip and lighting rentals that are well-maintained and serviced regularly, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Our team members are well-trained, and our equipment comes with safety features that comply with industry standards. We also offer extensive safety training that includes the correct use of safety knots, enabling our clients to enhance their team's safety knowledge.



In the world of grip and lighting, safety should always come first, and implementing safety knots is an excellent way to ensure that accidents are prevented. Safety knots are an essential tool that serves as a backup to secure equipment and rigging and prevent damage to them, as well as to prevent risk of injury to team members. At Tiki Grip & Electric, we believe safety is paramount, which is why we offer professional and premium grip and lighting rentals as well as extensive safety training. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a safe production environment.

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