What Does a Key Grip Do?

What Does a Key Grip Do?

What Does a Key Grip Do?


If you have ever been on a movie set, you may have heard the term "key grip" being mentioned. However, do you know what exactly a key grip does? A key grip is a crucial part of the grip department in the film industry. They are responsible for setting up and operating all of the non-electrical equipment on a set. In this blog post, we will explore the role of a key grip in more detail.


The main responsibility of a key grip is to coordinate and supervise the grip department. This includes setting up and operating camera and lighting equipment, rigs, dollies, cranes, and all sorts of mechanical apparatus. They are also responsible for ensuring that all filming equipment is safe and secure. As you can imagine, this is no easy task, and it requires a great deal of experience, skill, and knowledge.

Another essential part of a key grip's job is to work closely with the director of photography (DP) to achieve the desired look of the film. They may work together to create specific lighting effects or camera angles that the DP envisions. It is essential for a key grip to have a good understanding of different aspects of filmmaking, including camera movement, lighting, and special effects.

In addition to setting up equipment and collaborating with the DP, a key grip also supervises a team of grips. This includes rigging grips, who are responsible for setting up and moving various types of rigging equipment, and gaffer grips, who are responsible for lighting. A key grip must ensure that the grips are working effectively and safely, and that any deadlines are met on time.

One thing that sets a key grip apart from other crew members is the range of skills they possess. They must be proficient in wood and metal fabrication, electrical engineering, and mechanics. They are experts at problem-solving and have a great attention to detail. These skills are essential for constructing sets, creating effects, and ensuring the safety of the cast and crew.



In conclusion, a key grip's role in the film industry is critical to a successful shoot. They are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all grip-related tasks on set, working closely with the DP to create the desired look of the film. This requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in various aspects of filmmaking, ranging from camera movement to lighting and special effects. If you are looking for premium rentals of grip lighting in Orlando, FL, contact Tiki Grip & Electric today for more information.

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